Safe & Efficient BOP installation

The “Storm Loop System” is designed to ease the BOP installation in a safe and time efficient manner, and consists of the PSW Designed Motorized Pod Sheave, Umbilical Pressure Washer and Easy Fit FleX Saddle.

Motorized Pod Sheave

The Hydraulic operated “Motorized POD Sheave” is designed to operate in a safe distance from the umbilical. From the control panel the sheave can be operated with variable speed forward, reverse or in neutral. The umbilical sheave is entirely made of nylon (6PLA). This is providing extra grip and add less weight to the assembly. The PSW Umbilical pressure washer device can be attached to the PSW "Motorized POD Sheave" to efficiently clean the Umbilical cable before spooling on to the reel. 

Umbilical Pressure Washer

The PSW “Umbilical Pressure Washer” is designed to be easy fitted to the PSW “Motorized POD Umbilical” or any other umbilical saddle. The product consists of four flat jet nozzles that efficiently remove any dirt from the Umbilical cable before spooling on to the reel. 

Easy Fit FleX Saddle

The purpose of the PSW "Easy Fit FleX Saddle" is to guide the BOP hose within the splash zone, to provide tension relief for the PSW "Motorized POD Saddle" and hose clamps and to maintain hose minimum requiered bending radius. The easy Easy Fit FleX Saddle can be attached to the guide line wire.


The innovated design makes it possible to install the Easy Fit Flex Saddle vertically, reducing the handling time of the hose to a minimum.

  • Vertical installation
  • Reduce handling time.
  • Reduce the possibility of injuries
  • Light weight due to composite materials make it easy to fit manually
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