The Hydraulic operated PSW Motorized POD Sheave is a part of the PSW Storm Loop System designed to ease the BOP installation in a safe and time efficient manner. It is designed to operate in a safe distance from the umbilical. From the control panel the sheave can be operated with variable speed forward, reverse or in neutral. The umbilical sheave is entirely made of nylon (6PLA). This is providing extra grip and add less weight to the assembly. The PSW Umbilical Pressure Washer device can be attached to the PSW Motorized POD Sheave to efficiently clean the Umbilical cable before spooling on to the reel.



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PSW Group offer a Capping Stack & related services and equipment as part of the Norwegian Oil & Gas emergency response plan. The capping stack is stored at PSW Group's facilities at Mongstad and can be ready at quayside within 24 hours of notification.

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