PSW Mongstad 
Mongstad is a flexible and multifaceted Subsea & Drilling Base performing engineering, maintenance, fabrication and logistics for the oil and gas industry.

Additionally it has in-house training facilities for Subsea and Drilling technology purposes. We test and inspect drilling equipment, BOPs and other related subsea and rig equipment. We also re-certificate drilling risers, telescoping joints, and associated drilling equipment. 

With our integrated partners specializing in surface treatments, machining and welding/cladding Inspection NDT, we cover most services in the industry. We have some of the newest, high-tech equipment and facilities to carry out multiple tests for the Subsea and Drilling industry. In Mongstad, PSW GROUP will handle all of the above, and be the single contractual point of contact.

At Mongstad, we have easy access for vendors and clients, both from the sea, as well as by road. The large modern facilities create opportunities for multi disciplines. Our employees assigned to the base are highly skilled and motivated colleagues.

Key capabilities at Mongstad: 

  • Total area of 84.000 square meters
  • Indoor facilities of 12.000 square meters
  • Crane capacity of 64-90 tons 
  • Hall heights 8-10 meters
  • Subsea test pit 8m wide x 8m long x 8m deep
  • Drilling test pit 2,5m wide x 25m long x 2,5m deep
  • Portable Riser welding factory
  • Coating and paint facility 2000 m2
  • Deep-water dock - 200m away
  • Load test facilities - 300 tons 
  • Office space 2.300 square meters with 45 office spaces
  • 2000 m2 outside and 1000 m2 inside custom clearance area
  • Integrated dorms for overnight stay
  • Training center with a classroom for training

PSW GROUP Subsea and Drilling Rental

Rental equipment

PSW Group is providing our Subsea and Drilling customers with rental equipment within:

  • Drilling elevators
  • Drilling bails
  • Hydraulic drilling slips
  • Wellhead connectors
  • Annulars
  • Ramblocks
  • Torque tools
  • Tensioners
  • Surface BOP’s
  • Well control hoses
  • Other critical and related equipment

Sincel 2012 PSW Group has been approved as SPX supplier of hydraulic torque wrenches, topside and subsea tensioners, nut splitters and hydraulic pump units.